Dating practices of peru

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People of completely Spanish lineage are called made up the majority of the ruling class.

During the 16th and 17th century, the Spanish had slaves imported from Africa, creating the Afro-Peruvian subculture that exists to this day.

Because of the high rate of illiteracy among indigenous people, this policy excluded a large portion of the indigenous population from the democratic process.

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Dating back to the pre-Columbian era, natives would chew on the leaves as a harmless painkiller. Some natives still cultivate the plant to use it medicinally, but its production has become a point of legal controversy.

You can see the results of this mixture at one of the many religious festivals celebrated throughout the year, especially in Cusco.

At the springtime festival of El Señor de Los Temblores – “Lord of the Earthquakes” – locals gather for a procession of a 17th-century crucifix through the streets of Cusco.

Spanish conquistadors swiftly imposed a policy called m’ita, forcing the natives to work in the mines.

The Spanish also introduced , a process of relocating the most disruptive tribes to areas where they would not make as much trouble.

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